Thursday 2 September 2021

Self care - HSC lockdown style.

 As this lockdown wears on, I'm running out of new ideas for self care, that I haven't alread mentioned before. I've written a plethora of posts on this over the last two years - some of which are here, here, here and here.

As a result, this post will be short, sweet and specific. If you have have a year 12 this year, dwindling out their final year of school in lockdown, celebrate anyway. Mine is currently sitting trials, so after each exams we have a celebration lunch or dinner. They also just handed in their major work, so I made a big deal of that acheivement. It's still not the fun and exciting time my eldest had in these final months but it's the best we can do.

Make them see they are sliding into home plate. It is the end of their schooling but it is the start of their independant life. The world is about to open up for them, with endless possibilities (hopefully literally too!).

This year has made even my most tiger mum friends realise the HSC is not nearly as relevant as we'd been lead to believe. It just marks the end of school. It's the next step that's the big deal. That's the exciting beginning on a path that could lead them anywhere.

So give them what you can if in lockdown. Make it as fun and enjoyable as you can.

Let them look back and think it wasn't all bad.

I guess this fits into self care because as a mum, part of my self care is feeling in control of the ship I'm steering, while not in contol of the the weather around us. I may not control the passengers but I can help them have an enjoyable time, and focus on the bigger picture.

And that lifts my mood greatly.

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  1. It's a toughie from a rite of passage sort of thing. My parents don't do zoom or Facebook live or anything but I know from calls they're struggling (especially Mum). It's the simple things like being able to go to a library, to get a haircut. I want so much to be able to help, but can't.

    1. The library is coming up a lot in conversations with my mum too.

  2. Self-care becomes a little bit Groundhog as well in lockdown, doesn't it? Oh it must be so stressful for your Yr 12 kid. I feel for the young people this time. I cannot believe they're still going ahead with the HSC exams though. I have a couple of Y12 clients and they're struggling with intense anxiety at the moment. Sigh. Here's hoping this will end soon x

  3. It may be different now but when I grew up in Qld we didn't have HSC type tests. All of our results from years 11 & 12 counted towards a final score and it was weighted by a year 12 test everyone does to 'rank' your school. It meant there was less pressure over 'an' event if that makes sense.

    I went through some stuff in my second semester in year 11 for eg and dropped a rating in almost every subject, but bounced back the next year thankfully.

    I like your approach. This doesn't dictate what someone will do / be for the rest of their lives and making it special.

  4. Lockdown is crappy at the best of times - but so much worse for those who are going through life events (Yr 12, uni, weddings, funerals etc). Staying positive and looking for those little moments of sunshine are about the best you can do - and good on you for steering the ship and keeping things on the upward march xx

  5. I really feel for the Year 12s - what a pants end to their school career. This is such sage advice though - I think fun and enjoyable is definitely the way to go.

  6. Oh gosh, Lydia, I reckon this year's version of lockdown has been so much tougher on many levels. The rites of passage things..gone or adapted. Even my dear Yr 6 GD has had so many disappointments. No Canberra, No Camp...and she is barely hanging in for a formal of sorts. Her parents are of course making sure all 4 kids are OK but I feel for them too. Sigh. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see a post old or new for next week as I mark 5 years of Life This Week, Blog Link Up. Warm wishes, Denyse.