Thursday 16 September 2021

You are not just one color, you are a rainbow.” - Mridula Singh

Denyse put up a list of Rainbow words in her taking stock and I'm stealin as I thought they'd be a good framework for a post. For those that remember this obsession of mine from years ago, I've started chasing rainbows's obviously a comfort behaviour.

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GRATITUDE: I am grateful that I can run my own day as the 'stuff' to do seems to be taking up more time than it should so 'work hours' seems to be very haphazard and starting later than they should (but extending later and onto the weekend).

LOVE: My kids. One is about to move out and I'm so excited for her, and glad her life is moving forward in this very stagnant time of COVID and lockdowns. I will miss her terribly, especially as she won't be allowed to visit for quite sometime I suspect but she's a close walk away so I will have to restrain myself from pestering her for a 'picnic'.

HEALTH: Could be better, could be worse. Trying to up the exercise more regularly as I seem to ahve days of 17km walks and other days of 4!  Also trying to go back to some different workouts to get other muscles strengthened.

CONNECTION:I had a mini picnic with two friends - a super quick lunch break on a work day to avoid the crowds. It was so lovely to see people in person. I've been quite the physical recluse in lockdown.

APPRECIATION:  What the teachers are doing. I listened to the Webinar on the staggered return to school. While it sounds like DoE is doing all it can, I feel perhaps they are trying to make an directive as safe a s possible, rather than deem it an ideal situation. While I could see they are crossing all the t's, it didn't fill me with confidence and I will be very concerned about my kids safety when they return to school. 

CARE: I have a few male friends who have opened up about how difficult they are finding things. I'm not sure if they were always so open and I wasn't really listening, or if we just have had more time for connection. Either way, I think it's a good thing, probably for both of us, to discuss active self careand remember we are all being buffeted around by this storm but there are plenty of life boats around us should we tip up.

MEMORIES: Been thinking about travel a lot. Our last trip to Svalbard in particular as the polar bear incident made the State of the Polar bear Report 2020 (p23). We've been asking the kids if they remember certain aspects of places or holidays we've had at dinner. I've beenlooking at old travel photos on the blog. I miss Singapore and those luxurious F1 weekends. I miss seeing history and art in cities. I miss tropical sunsets. But I guess this should also fall under gratitude as I remind myself how lucky I am to have done all those things in the first place. (For those of you that missed the polar bear attack story, here it is).  
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  1. Beautiful and as a boater I really loved the first photograph the very best.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  2. You had quite an encounter with the polar bear! Frightening but thrilling at the same time. Imiss traveling abroad too, but not yet wise. Allthough many Finns reserve eagerly trips abroad for the winter, I’ll wait.

  3. In the world we're living in it is important to have a gratitude list like yours, i might put one together for myself too.

  4. Beautiful photos, Lydia. Keep up your physical movements and social connections until the lockdown is over. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  5. Beautiful photos and thanks for the shout out to Teachers. That is what I do.

    1. In Australia, the teachers atmy kids school have been AMAZING. They were so on it from the beginning - zoom classes were set up OVERNIGHT and replicated their school day. This time round so much mental health stuff has been introduced as part of the school day. Just amazing. And yet our govt freezes their pay and basically lets the media villanise them. Disgraceful.

  6. Hi Lydia, Covid continues to own the stage of life just about everywhere despite all the advances made in treatment, vaccination, government (mis)management, how we live through it or mourn for those who have lost the battle or are loosing it somehow.
    There simply does not seem to be a way to not deal with it each day and it is wearing us down.
    I don't have an answer but I'm thankful for the victories we've seen along the way, including my own catching a mild case of it and dealing with all that came with it. I got off so very easy and am focusing on being thankful as I finish recovering.
    Thanks for a great coffee share.

  7. Wow rainbows are so beautiful x #mischiefandmemories

  8. Love the rainbow motif, a great reminder of the light in the rain as a metaphor for life. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  9. Aw I love how you focus on such positive things, that's really wonderful. It's nice to get the chance to talk real talk with friends, where we can open up like that. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for joining us at #KCACOLS xx

  10. Lockdowns are very draining so well done for looking for the positive things and making some time for social connection. Even a short outdoor chat with friends can be so reviving. Hopefully it'll be safe to start traveling again soon.

    Katrina x

  11. Memories are so important. I’d love to go to Svalbard sound amazing. And so does the F1.

    So much to be grateful for and the lockdown. Has just made this so much more important and intense.