Thursday 9 September 2021

Taking Stock - September

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Making :A mess cooking Din Tai Fung for dinner. Not sure how I use so many posts and pans! Two loads in the dishwasher!!  But still an easy dinner and a family favourtie. My eldest announced yesterday "I love this lockdown tradition". We have Din Tai Fung Wednesdays  and once a  fortnight have a Chinese feast! We are making the most of their discount in lockdown.

Watching: Post Mortem on Netflix. Can't recommend it enough. Just adored it. So funny and weirdly enchanting.

Drinking : When my harbour walk got moved to Pyrmont because of the 5kms, I discovered the Goodsline Bar and the Peachy Passion which is a little holiday in your mouth. Seriously refreshing and takes me away to far away island beaches in my mind. Bonus you can return the bottles for recycling.  

Bookmark made by Denyse!

Reading: Just finished the free Kate Grenville on Audible, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a great look at Australia, Sydney in particular, through history. Before that, I listened to 100 Days by Alice Pung. 
I enjoyed that too, especially for the familliarity of the time period and I thought she nailed the distorted view of the teenager when looking at the actions of her mother and other people in her life.
In paperformat, because my concentration is shot, I've returned to junk crime - a fun easy read by Staunton Hitchcock called Bluff. Seems to be doing the trick and I'm reading properly again (instead of taking almost 8 weeks to read one very short book 3 or 4 pages at a time.

Wanting: COVID to be cured or just go away.

Looking: Tired apparently, everyone on zoom keeps asking me if I'm alright....

Playing: Zoomed with some friends to play Geochaser - it was weirdly fun. How to travel when you can't leave the house.

Wasting: Away (in the house, not in weight...)

Sewing: No

Wanting: Us to be safely out of lockdown and this stupid virus gone.

Enjoying: The street flowers of Spring and walks by the water. 

Celebrating: Got my youngest booked in for a shot. Will be happier when all the kids are fully vaxxed.

Waiting: For youngest to get their vax, and the other two to get their second doses. Finally booked in. Fingers crossed to less fiasco this time.

Thinking: Way too much about how to get the kids vaxxed.

Listening: This cheery number.

Wondering: What I'm meant to do about the parcel I ordered in June that is sitting in Germany waiting for a plane or ship to bring it over here. Anyone got any clues? And how long do I wait before I assume it's actually just 'lost'?

Hoping: The Norman Swan tote bag I ordered for a friend (as her prize for organising two really great trivia nights in lockdown which she didn't get to participate in as quiz master) arrives soon as I'm desperate to give it to her, for her reaction!

Anthony Horowitz. I'm listening to The Sentence is Death (the second book in the series, that started with The Word is Murder) in which HE is a character. It's hilarious and he is so clever and wickedly playful. His line in this one about how he would certainly never make himself a character in his book, let alone the side kick made me laugh out loud and fall a tiny bit more in love with him.  I'm beginning to think I'm that lady that finds intelligence sexy. I have no idea what Horowitz looks like. Mind you, he had me with the Tim Diamond series when I read those to the kids over a decade ago. I used to laugh when reading it to them and was admonished "Mum, stop laughing, you're ruining it!"

A lot of insights in this month's free Quarterly Essay on Audible. For me the rise of 'barracking' for political parties rather than policy discussion really hit home. It explains so much that I didn't understand - how people my age don't seem to know what they're actually voting for anymore. Why they vote for the 'guy' not the party.

Smelling: I got some essential oils on sale ($6 each) so adding a few drops to the laundry - the smell of the sun dried, oil infused clothes is very uplifting.

Wearing: Sun dried, essential oil infused clothes.

Following: All the travellers in Europe. Loving the pictures. Bands at festivals too. Fingers crossed for us.

Noticing: The kilos creeeping back. Slower than last lockdown but really just don't care enough at the moment.

Knowing:  This too shall pass.

Feeling: Very lucky with my 5kms both for walks and restaurants.

Wishing: #Lifethisweek a very happy 5th birthday. I want to thank Denyse for bringing us all together each week and building a solid communtiy of bloggers. I have enjoyed trying to follow the 206 prompts that Denyse has given us. It is always an enjoyable challlenge and a good way to exercise imagination and creativity. Many thanks for all your effort and congratulations on being the longest running Australian link up still in existence. That is an achievement in itself and very much appreciated.

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  1. I'm with you on the whole Covid wanting it to be gone thing but sadly I don't think it's going to disappear for at least another year or 2. We've just come out of lockdown but poor Auckland is still stuck in it.

  2. We are back wearing masks here. It seems it will never end.

    We're having Chinese tonight. A favorite dinner.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

  3. Sending you positive vibes. I like your Knowing. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  4. Hi. Amen, multiple times on it's past time for covid to leave.
    Also, I knew that I'd read several somethings by Anthony Horowitz. Out kids and I read his Alex Rider series together. What a hoot! Lots of fun. I may have to grab some of his more adult targeted titles.

  5. You had me at Din Tai Fung. When I lived in Southern California, there was one not too far from my work. Dang, I miss that place.

  6. The peachy passion sounds right up my street! As does the Chinese banquet! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS

  7. What lovely delights you have captured x #kcacols

  8. The top photo is wonderful! There is a Din Tai Fung near me but there is always a huge line of people.

  9. I'm sorry that where you live they have such strict restrictions. In America, restrictions depends where you live. We were on lockdown for three months, and after that life has been fairly normal. Beautiful photos.

  10. I want Covid gone too! Thanks for the Netflix tip. I'll add 'post mortem' to my list. Meanwhile if you haven't watched ClickBait I highly recommend it! It's an 8 part series and so good!

    1. Just finished it. Really liked the structure on that one. Great all the different PoVs.

  11. So grateful to Denyse and for the weekly catch ups! I'm very envious of your dumplings - how good are lockdown traditions?! Thursday is Scone Day at our place when we get our weekly delivery from The Tea Cosy. It's always such a treat. I think we definitely got lucky with our 5ks :)

  12. Great photos and your food sounds amazing. My answer to Sewing would also be No. In fact it would be nope nope nopity nope lol

    Here's hoping lockdowns end soon x

  13. I think Horowitz is cute. I've only seen pics on Twitter etc...

  14. I understand your frustration at the long and seemingly never ending lockdown. We are all over it well and truly. Fortunately, Regional Victoria came out of lockdown last weekend so I'm no longer suffering, but who knows for how long. Love the Norman Swan tee.

  15. We're finally out of lockdown here with hardly any restrictions on our day to day life, but the next big test is travel to Africa where my family are. I miss them, not having seen some of them for over 3 years now. #kcacols

  16. I'm often amazed at just how many dishes I dirty while cooking dinner too! I will have to check out that Netflix series; I have never heard of it before.

  17. I hear you on Covid! That song was lovely to listen to as I read through your Taking Stock post, many thanks for the cool vibes. Isn't it great how Denyse has got us all together?

  18. I'm so sick of Covid too. It's been a year and a half and we're back wearing masks.

    Beautiful shots.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  19. Oh how I smiled with the feelings of love for this lil ole link up of mine and how its continuation matters. I thought this was, for a covid catch up, a more uplifting one because of the ways you and the family & friends have adapted to what IS. Audible is my friend in the car, even if I am just going to Coles and sometimes at night. I am listening to new books and re-visiting older ones particularly The Only Plane in the Sky about 9/11. Thank you for your kind gift. I will be using it as part of my art journalling. Great relief to know your kids are almost vaccinated.
    Thanks so much for being part of Life This Week and celebrating its 5th Birthday by linking up a post. See you next week, where guest poster, Mr W is returning with Part 2 Time. Denyse

  20. Looks and sounds as if you've been making the best possible out of life in lockdown. Geochasing over zoom sounds fun! Fingers crossed that Covid restrictions will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS! x

  21. I always love a new recommendation for Netflix so I will be having a look for Post Mortem! #MischiefAndMemories

  22. Fingers crossed that lockdown ends for you soon! I love Kate Grenville books and will check out your Netflix recommendation. Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories (we are taking a break this week but hope to see you next Sunday)