Friday 17 September 2021

Share Four Somethings - September

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This month seems to have flown. We have a few more restrictions eased - we are allowed picnics with 5 freinds, if fully vaxxed.

This is a fb memory that popped up from an exhibition in Singapore. Seems relevant to what I'm about to write.

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Something Loved: My eldest is moving out. It is defintely time. She has unfortunately had two of her University years online. Even though her partner has lived with us for those years in lockdown, she has lost much of her life - her band gigs, the parties, the nights out and all the other fun of being a youthful adult. This next step is at least moving forward in a time of stagnation. I am so grateful they chose somewhere very close to home, so I know I can be there if she needs me. I'm so happy for her, but very sad for us. It will be a little hole in our family. Our 6 will now be merely 4 around the dinner table. It will be very strange indeed. I am having fun buying her little bits and pieces for the kitchen and bathroom etc. Trying not to overstep but I want to make it a stressfree and lovely experience for her. It's been a pretty sad two years for the 16-25 year olds. They've lost so much of the best part of life. I love my little family and I will mourn the beginning of the end of it, but I guess that's what love is - while I'm so sad for us left behind, I can only be happy and excited for her. 

I had planned to share a song about leaving home or moving out but when you listen to the lyrics, they are all so negative (think the Beatles, Carole Bayer Sager and even De Hofnar's Moving On...) so going with this one for the freedom she is gaining, even in lockdown.

Something Read (or Said): I can not recommend the Anthony Horowitz 'Hawthorne' series enough! They are delightful. The books are funny and clever in execution, as well as all the comfort of a familliar detective story. I've devoured them one straight after another. They've been the perfect antidote to these dreary lockdown days. 

Something Treasured: I mentioned my Storybox award last month. Here is the Story box flash fiction on the theme of Community. You can follow Storybox on Insta or other socials
I also got some good feedback on my historical fiction short for the NYC Midnight competition, coming 4th in my group. However I've not done so well with my second attempt, a thriller. I am hoping others struggled as I might still go through if I can somehow manage 6th, lower than that and I suspect I miss the cut. I signed up to the 250 word comp in October so either way, I've something to look forward to. These pats on the back are really helping with my flagging inspiration and creativity. They are something to be treasured in these endless, shut away days.

Cafe Paci Potato and Molasses Bread is still the absolute bomb! #Somethingloved

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Something Ahead: Picnics. Walks with friends. Outdoor restaurant plans. The whole household will be fully vaxxed soon so I can breathe a little easier. Not entirely, as we need to remember the vaccines only protect you from catching and spreading it by 40-50% (much high rates of minimising severe illness). However, even mild cases can cause long term issues, so risks still need to be assessed. I've already worked out a restaurant plan, and am waiting for the email to say they are taking bookings! Keen to book weekends away, if not even a week or two somewhere. This varies from Tasmania, Overseas, up the coast or a hotel in Sydney depending on how disasterous I feel the 'openning up' is going to be.  To be honest, I don't think it really matters. I'm getting a little spark of energy to be able to start making plans. It doesn't matter how big or small. It's the thinking about planning that seems to be doing the trick!

That  wraps it up for another month. Stay safe to all of you in lockdown and to borrow from someone on Twitter, I'm vaxxed, relaxed and ready for snacks!

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  1. I am adjusting to an empty nest, so I feel your reduction from 6 to 4 dinner plates...
    Family change is good but hard.

  2. You're a very helpful mum, I would be the same, mind you I still have 2 of my 3 children living at home and it's kind of nice but I know one day they will want to be out there doing their thing.

  3. It has been such a crazy time, and this year seems to be flying by. Love your "planned ahead" section. Definitely lots to look forward to. #KCACOLS

  4. We're epic picnic people. I will miss them when the weather gets foul. Outside is best.

  5. I really like the fifth picture. A great catch!

  6. Aw that must be bitter sweet with your oldest. It's wonderful she isn't going too far!! It's definitely time for people to get on and live their lives. Thanks so much for joining us at #KCACOLS xx

  7. Yay to picnics, amazing what you appreciate what you have when it is restricted X # kcacols

  8. Hi Lydia,

    We agree, Horowitz is a great writer. I've not read his stuff for sometime but I'm finishing a small backlog of fun reading so I'm glad you reminded me of him.

    We too have lost our two boys to them moving out and are down to just our daughter. Her story is more complicated as she's trying like crazy to get into medical school. Being a doctor is all she's wanted since she was old enough to know what a doctor does, so we're likely to lose her too soon.

    It does leave a hole doesn't it.
    But this is what we raised them to do and so is a bittersweet reality.

    Hang in there mom. That they're able to do this is both normal and evidence that you did good by them.


  9. Glad to hear your eldest is going to live close to home, and things are opening up in your city as more people get vaccinated. Have a great week! Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  11. Love the song, going to add it to my current play list. Can very much relate, my son is in his first weeks at uni and so there is some adjustment taking place across the board.

  12. We have been very blessed that my daughter's college has been able to stay open. She is in her second year and enjoying it. She's 9 hours away from home, so an adjustment when she left, came home, and now has left again. This growing up years are hard!

  13. I'm reading A Line To Kill at the moment - rushed straight out to buy it. I'm with you, the series is fabulous. Thoughts with you as your daughter leaves home. Ours moved up to Hervey Bay in January and the house is so quiet. We're still after all these months getting used to cooking for 2 rather than 3.

  14. When you say 2 of her university years have been done online it really does bring home the cost of this pandemic and how many experiences it's stolen from people.

    Thank you for the book recommendation, I love a good detective story and I'm always on the lookout to expand my 'to be read' pile!

    Katrina x

  15. I can’t imagine having all mine grown up and an empty nest. I know it will come way to quick. Picnics as such a great thing to look forward to enjoy the tim tams 😋#kcacols


  17. Good luck to your daughter in her new home. I live two streets away from my parents and couldn't imagine being further away nor what my own empty nest will be like :( Thanks for linking up with #MischiefAndMemories

  18. I am glad you are getting a bit of easing of restrictions. I do feel so sad for those aged 16-25 during all of this. It should be the best time and they have missed so much.
    Thanks for joining us on #MischiefandMemories
    We hope you will be back for our two week Halloween special.

  19. Oh bless you! It must be so hard to let your daughter (and her partner) go, but how lovely to have her close by still. It won't be the same, but seeing her flourish will be wonderful in itself. As always, I love your 'share four somethings' posts - so insightful. Take care and thank you for joining us for #mischiefandmemories x

  20. Beautiful photos & nice shot of the water tower.

  21. Kids moving out, always leaves a whole. The first one was hard, but the last one was the hardest (maybe because he moved across the world!)
    Actually, came here for your Makro-tex, and forgot you posts something almost every day! Emillw

  22. Interesting photos. The round, slightly rusty water tower is an eye-catcher.