Wednesday 10 April 2024

Fly away

This is on one of the neighbourhood power boxes. Very beautiful work. It's a pretyy busy road so I couldn't get t the angle I needed to be (in the middle of the road) to get the shot straight...(or my brain is crooked, which I'm begining to wonder as often my shots need to be straightened!)

Anyway, I'm flying away for a bit, back around the 25th April. #Allseasons will return then.

Enjoy the holidays. Drive safely (and slowly, double demerits).

See you in a few weeks.

Will be on Insta here. 

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  1. Pretty mosaic! Enjoy your holiday! Take care, have a great day!

  2. That's how to turn a power box into a work of art! Happy travels!

  3. I just love the decorated power boxes, Lydia. Thanks for sharing this one. I wish they would do that in my area.

  4. Dear Lydia,
    this is really a beautiful work of art. I love mosaics - and if they beautify power boxes, that's a double plus.
    So you fly away like the cockatoos on the mosaic? Then I wish you a good time - and that you return healthy! My travel report starts tomorrow, but the practical thing is, you can catch up later if you like :-)
    All the best,

  5. ...I rarely see mosaic tile mural and this is a beauty. Getting images plumb can be tough at times.

  6. Beautiful one - enjoy your holiday!

  7. Very unusual to have a mosaic mural in a power box, It's very pretty. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Lydia. Enjoy your mini holidays :)

  8. I love the blue. Susan

  9. Decorated utility boxes seem to be a worldwide phenom… neat!

  10. Have a good flight and a good time.
    All the best

  11. I hope you enjoy every day and if you read this comment. And the photo is certainly appropriate but also very beautifully made. I also hope that you will have dry and nice weather because here in NL there is a lot of rain in this spring season.

  12. Enjoy your travels! Looking forward to seeing your post upon your return.
    Thanks for sharing at