Wednesday 31 May 2023



Long time readers will know that I adore VIVID. It lights up the city ad my heart. Alas, so far this COVID hang over has stopped me tearing about town. 

Fortunately, I had tickets for Dark Spectrum so we went in just for that, home in just over an hour.

I really enjoyed it, andjust kept imagining the faulous party you could have, moving from room to room....

Basically, they've opened up some old tunnels and filled them with light instalations, and themed with music.

While I was still not travelling on all cylinders, I was well enough to enjoy it (but exhausted by the time I got home).

I will take some snaps on the way to the Opera House tonight, and that my be as much as I get this year. Though I am really keen to get to the drones at some point.

More on Dark Spectrum here.

For those of you OS, VIVID is a three week festival of lights, art, music and food. And it is SPECTACULAR.

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  1. Wow. So very beautiful. Love it.

  2. VIVID does put on a good show! Thanks for hosting, Lydia.

  3. Wow! The colors are amazing! Very vivid, indeed.
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. What an awesome lightshow! thanks for sharing and for linking up to #MySundaySnapshot.

  5. It is vivid and beautiful lights. Hope you're back up to par soon. :)