Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Hit and Miss

It's been a great deal of hit and miss this week.

I enjoyed Bob Dylan, the Lime & Tonic blind degustation at the Park Hyatt was fabulous and I went to a great lecture at Macquarie Uni. Our Friday night dinner party cancelled so we're off to the movies instead, and I'd been lamenting that we had no time to see the new Spike Lee...

The misses: a terrible vegetarian dinner where the waiters wrestled the wine bottles off us to pour for us (yet were too slow to pre-empt and fill the empty glasses) and made me pay on the night even though I'd prepaid, and then made me ask twice for the refund once I could prove I had prepaid back in June, like I'd insisted...the usual hoop jumping to get money back from a doctor, discovering I'd been charged $1650 for a subscription that was meant to be $100 (got money back, just the time and hassle of doing so) and having a nasty person resurface in my orbit. I had to dig deep to be the bigger person, but it's left me out of sorts and uncomfortable.

The surprising big hit was the HSC Trials. Rather than being a basket of stress, my eldest and I managed to have a few pre-exam lunches together, where we shared easy laughs. Fingers crossed the results are good and the HSC is the same.

Sometimes happiness is found in unexpected places.

What have you been loving this week? Have you been surprised at what you were loving this week?

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  1. Some of that sounds frustrating indeed - especially so if the food wasn't even great. You can forgive a lot if the food is good. Good that you've got through the trials intact - fingers crossed for the main event.

  2. It's good to be able to look at the happiness in life instead of the opposite!!

  3. It's good that you're looking on the brighter side, like those spring flowers.

  4. A few frustrations in your week I can see but it's fabulous you see the good stuff too to help balance things out! I'm loving cool weather and sunny days at the moment. I love our Brisbane winters! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  5. All the best for your household's ongoing HSC prep.

    Sorry to hear about the dinner. It's awkward and disappointing when a night out goes awry.

    SSG xxx

  6. I detest bad service at restaurants. My week is full of packing and getting prepared to shift house. Ugh!!! #TeamLovinLife

  7. Oh woe for the over charging and yay for time with your pre HSC student. Life, hey. Ups and Downs. Denyse x

  8. Lovely capture . Please keep commenting in my blog because I love your comments.

  9. Oh, isn't that interesting that the stuff you expect to be stressful isn't (the HSC trials) and relaxing dinners out can be?!

    I'm due for an appt to get my eyebrows waxed before I go o/s but loath to return to my usual place as last time (way back in May - cos I've been avoiding them!) they tried to tell me I hadn't paid a deposit (which you have to do when you book!). I had paid the deposit and then changed my appt time which obviously hadn't transferred over with the time change. The person believed me but I was able to show them the receipt on the banking app on my phone.... still felt distrusted though! #teamlovinlife

    1. My stupid phone doesn't let me bring up emails after a certain point and the deposit was paid on the non linked credit card - so I spent a good 15 minutes trying to find proof in front of a table full of people. Then said I'd pay and call them to reverse it in the morning. Then they ignored my text request for the refund. Very poor end to the night.

  10. Ugh sorry about that dining experience! Glad there have been some good moments, too!