Tuesday 1 August 2023


I've talked a lot about my FOMO so I won't get into it here (but new readers, it's not a bad thing for me at all, quite positive although I will acknowledge I'm sure it's annoying for my friends at times...it can be A LOT.). I have also mentioned once or twice I love the World Cup, and am often running around the city in the middle of the night to watch it when hosted in Europe.

While I'm in a tipping comp for this one, I'd had clashes with every game I got emailed about so wasn't able to go. I'd had too much on and it all seemed too hard to organise.

I've really enjoyed the buzz in the city with the decorations, and I went to a live site for the first match. 

Then a friend sent me a picture from the stadium for one of the day matches - she was excited and sharing with someone she knew would love it. I was hit real FOMO - why hadn't I thought of that? I'd only looked at the night matches. I was spurred to rearrange a day and go and watch a game live.

But alas, no day matches left (except the one that clashes with Ministry of Sound and NO WAY am I missing an opportunity to go dancing with friends!). 

Then it occured to me. I'd blow off Pub Choir and now I'm heading off to see France v Panama. I got tickets for friends and we are up in the roof but it should be a great experience. 

On Monday night I went to the pub to watch the Matildas game with some friends and the roar when goals were scored was electric. The idle banter in the slow parts made it all entertaining. I am beside myself with excitement now about going. 

I thanked my friend for making me jealous enough to get my head in order. I've given my Pub Choir ticket to another friend so it's not completely wasted.

My question, how had I got bogged down in the work/life stuff so much that I let it steal my enthusiasm? With age do we become 'it seems like too much of a hassle' people if we aren't looking? I love the World Cup - why didn't I think to ditch some plans sooner? Why didn't I have the headspace to book some tickets to a number of games the minute the emails started appearing?  Normally it's me trying to drag people to live sites in the middle of the night or pubs at 6am to watch a game - any random team, the more games the better. All the times I've gone out to watch for this World Cup has been because I've been invited by others. One friend even said with a grin "I kept waiting to be harassed to be in your sweep" - and I always organise a sweep (as well as being in a tipping comp). It just all seemed to hard and I was too busy and distracted.

Who was that person?

Do you think it's an age thing or a momentarily overwhelmed thing? 

 (I'm now watching the resale site to see if I can get some tickets for when my husband gets back).

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  1. It's way to easy to get into the 'can't be faffed' frame of mind. I admit to being there but think it's a function of working so much okay, completely, from home. In other news so glad so many people are getting behind this world cup.

  2. What Jo said. Beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Lydia. ♥

  3. I've been in that 'can't be bothered mindset' lately because of illness but illness aside, I do think we can fall into the trap quite easily. I didn't know you were in Pub Choir, I've heard so much positive feedback about it. The Matildas did a fabulous job and it is wonderful that everyone is getting behind them. A great thing for Women's Sport in Australia.

  4. I think I am missing a gene or something cos I am not at all into sport. I'd have rather go to pub choir cos I absolutely love to sing! I'm glad for you and all the other normal people who love sport though and good on your friend for getting you back into the mindset of being bothered!

  5. Even though I love watching sport on TV I'm not usually a soccer fan. However I've really caught the World Cup Fever and have loved watching the matches.

  6. Thank you for showing us to 'get out head in gear' and enjoy every moment we can. And also thank you for sporting our Badge to show where you hang out when not at the games.
    Last but not least, Thank you for sharing your links with us at #272 SSPS Linky. See you again next week.

  7. It’s a great time for the aficionado - not my chosen sport though. The Golfer has the tv games on…minus the sound because it’s the commentators who put me off. Enjoy as much as you can Lydia, Australia was lucky to get the competition.

  8. The only sport I normally watch on the tele is Wimbledon tennis, but I am following the Ladies World Cup (China/ England 1-6, yeah!)

  9. Good grief woman, what is wrong with a spread sheet when these kinds of dilemmas visit you...I see you worked it out. Truly my only FOMO these days is travel..unlikely to ever be able to do it but also feel happy for friends who can...It was so good to see you link up your blog post this week. Thanks for being part of the community that IS Wednesday’s Words and Pics! Warm wishes, Denyse.

  10. It would be fun to see a game in person. We've been watching on TV. It is sad when we let "stuff" steal our enthusiasm, and sometimes we don't even realize it.